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Xelerator OH

The Xelerator OH is a revolutionary training and rehabilitation tool for baseball and softball players and coaches. By using visual, audio and kinetic cues, players learn more quickly to throw consistently and correctly. New pitchers can dramatically reduce their training time, experienced pitchers can adjust their mechanics and injured players can rehab using the correct technques to return even faster to the field.

One of the many unique features of this training device is that it can be used indoors within a minimal amount of space. A normal sized bedroom is more than adaquate as a practice center. It is completely portable, weighing less than one pound, and can withstand the rigors of abuse experienced by items carried in a sports utility bag.

The trainer is self-correcting in that the user receives negative feedback when it is used improperly. When the throwing motion is improperly performed, the user is hit by the soft external surface of the training device.

The patent and development of the automated Xelerator OH follows on the footsteps of a non-automated trainer that is already used as an official training device for one of the major league baseball teams.

The audio feedback is what separates this tool from anything that remotely resembles the concept employed by the Xelerator OH. There are three levels of audio feedback.

I am seeking: quality, effectiveness, and value of this technology to the marketplace. The first firm to bring this exciting design to the market will capitalize with a favorable return on investment and enjoy the commercial benefits well into the future. Currently, I am seeking a partner that can fully and profitably exploit this rare and lucrative licensing opportunity.

The new automated version will be available for purchase in the near future. If you have an interest or want to ask questions, phone us at 503-835-2100 or email at krsoftballoregon@aol.com.

Bring It Sports Bottle

The Bring It Sports Bottle is an insulated, metal water bottle that is designed to be a keepsake to capture an event and hold it in time as a memento.

The Bring It Sports Bottle is also an expression of a passion, be it softball, volleyball, football or any other sport. The bottle is completely insulated and free of BPAs. The entire side panel is available for imprinting or autographs, and a carabiner and carrying strap are also included for ease in storage and carrying.

Product Features and Benefits

This product is currently available and is selling at a substantial discount in order to gain visibility. If you have an interest in any facet, please call us at 503-835-2100.

Xelerator WB

The new WB model is a combination of the Second Generation Xelerator and the new "Bring It" sports bottle. The "Bring It" sports bottle can be purchased in the 24oz model or the 16oz model. The 16oz model is essentially the same size as the Second Generation Xelerator. We have replaced the weight and spacer with a specially designed aluminum water bottle. The ball on the WB model is 11 inches and, like the Second Generation, has an adjustable safety strap. It is also adjustable in that the user can use the normal 4+oz if water or it can be used as a water bottle.

The WB is encased in a Tuff skin that protects the bottle and also provides insulation to its contents

Second Generation Xelerator

The Xelerator is now available in two colors: red and yellow. The Xelerator has been updated to include a carabiner. The new model has been updated with a new, softer safety strap, and we are constantly looking for new materials to update the Second Generation.

New Xelerator DVD

We have recently updated the training video that comes with all new Xelerator purchases. It includes new drills, and it also makes it more clear what the Xelerator is supposed to achieve. When new details or ideas come about, we will include these in a written handout to be included with your purchase as well.